Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Burglar in the Night

The screech of an owl broke the silence of the night, piercing my ear drums. I woke up with a start. I gkanced around my pitch dark room. Finally, concluding that I would need a light, my hand fumbled for the switch.

I tried the switch, but it did not respond. Despite my efforts, I found that it was in vain. "Another power cut!" I mumbled. Drowsily pulling myself up I staggered to the door. "As dark as a dungeon". I thought as I dragged myself to the kitchen.

How odd. I was sleepy but could not sleep. I pulled the curtains open and was greeted with the snarling face of someone fiddling with the lock. However, it was away in a flash, fleeing into the dark cloak of the night. I, too, was away as fast as my puny legs could carry me. Racing up the steps, I barged into my parents' room, crashing through the door. "Ugly face!" I gasped. My parents were violently jerked from dreamland. They stared at me with glazed eyes, as if in a trance.

Pulling myself together, I briefed them on the happenings. Even before I finished my narration, they had leapt from their beds and phoned the police. The police arrived in the blink of an eye, pulling up the driveway in their police cars. Then, all of a sudden, we heard a loud bark and an ear splitting scream. The same man whom I had seen earlier at the window, burst from a nearby bush with a dog hot on his heels. The police caught the man roughly and immediately recognised him as a wanted man. I know nothing of the rest as I had trudged back to my welcoming bed and had myself a good night of sleep.


  1. A frightening time, well written!

  2. Hey what did you get for your compo in prelims and what school are you from?