Thursday, July 12, 2012

Underwater World

I gazed out of the smudged glass windows. The street was bustling with life, teeming with people rushing here and there. The unchanging everyday sites of the city. I cast my gaze further into the glistening sea which stretched on and on - an awe inspiring gigantic body of scintillating water. However, the mesmerizing, wondrous and magnificent sight was marred by dark clouds congregating above it... like ominous prophets of doom. Perhaps it was a bad omen, and I should have taken note of it. However, I foolishly banished the minor flaw of the day from my mind. I focused on the flawless ocean - my destination.

Why was I headed for the ocean when exams were just around the corner? Well, of course, it was a class excursion to the underwater world. The bus was buzzing with lively chatter and full of eager anticipation. Forty students leapt from their seats and eighty feet scrambled for the door as the vehicle trundled to a halt. Bounding out of the lumbering bus, we formed ourselves into tidy rows.

Trotting along behind our guide, we entered a magical world of strange plants and alien creatures. Speedy fishes zipped past us. Massive manta rays glided along swiftly. Deadly jellyfishes drifted along the sparkling water. Golden rays of sunlight filtered through the water and splashed across the walkway like spilt drops of molten gold. I was awe stricken by the overwhelming beauty of this mysterious world. The monotonous voice of our guide faded into the background. The soporific effect of her dull droning speech wore off. I was completely entranced. Stumbling along, my eyes were glued to the sight before me.

Then, I collided with something. I snapped back from my trance. Towering before me was "Bill the Bully". As his name suggests, he was a bully. No... he was THE Bully. "Where do you think you're going", he sneered. Pacing away, I mumbled an apology. "Say that again?" he grinned, gripping me by my collar. I held my breath. The rest of the world blurred away. His penetrating eyes pierced my body and uncovered my fears. Then, he sent a flying punch at my face. Dodging it narrowly, I retaliated with a blow to the stomach. I had enraged the beast within him. His temples swelled. His pupils contracted. His fists clenched. Descending upon me like the wolf-like Assyrians, he fought with the strength of a tiger and the fury of a fiend. Raining me with blows, he pounded the breath out of me. I grabbed vainly at his legs.

Then, a pair of firm hands drew us apart. Anger was scribbled all over Mrs Lim's face as she cornered us. Her booming voice thundered across the vestibule. The main bulk of her wrath fell upon Bill. However, I also received my earful. Till today, her words still reverberate in my head" "Pay attention to your surroundings and mind your teachers!"

PSLE Practice Composition Written 2nd to 6th July 2012.