Saturday, September 18, 2010

At The Coffeshop

"I would like a bowl of noodles and some vegetables," I said. I was ordering my favourite noodles at the cofeeshop. I passed the hawker the money which he had been eyeing as keenly as a hawk hunting its prey, in exchange for my delicious lunch and some change.

My stomach growled as the fragrance of the tasty food wafted up into my nose. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath of the warm fragrance when all of a sudden, I heard sombody shout, "Watch out!" and before I knew it, I was sprawling on the floor,under a pungent pile of plastic plates. I looked up saw a stunned waiter. I then looked at myself. I was a fright. My shirt was drenched by my own soup, bits of vegetable were sliding down my face and noodles were entwined in my ruffled hair

"There goes my lunch," I thought to myself as I picked up my empty bowls and walked back to an enraged hawker to order some more noodles. This time I asked for a take-away as I was too embarrassed to eat there.