Saturday, July 31, 2010

Almost shot

“Hey, look. That is a private property,” said John, “I wonder what is behind those strong, thick walls. Maybe there are interesting things going on in there.” “Why don't we have a peek?” suggested Jack, grinning cheekily. As John was very mischievous, he readily agreed to go despite the fact that he was in his bleach white uniform. However, no matter how hard they tried, neither of them could climb over the gigantic, smooth wall in their way. So, they proceeded to search the perimeter for a nice large crack in the wall.

At long last, they discovered an enormous crack in the rock hard brick wall. Jack went first. He tiptoed, grasped the top of the crack and hauled himself up. When he looked down on to the other side, all he saw was was a great expanse of green grass. Then, he looked up and saw an old gnarled rambutan fruit tree. He hollered down to John, saying that there was nothing peculiar on the other side and told him that he was going to pluck some fruits from the overhanging branches of the fruit tree. John thought that this was not a good idea as the fruits that he saw were sour, unripe and half-rotten. He voiced his thoughts. Jack replied that there might be sweeter, jucier and fresher ones higher up. True enough, there were blood-red, juicy, delicious rambutans higher up the tree.

Just as John reached for the first fruit, it exploded on to him covering him with slimy white rambutan flesh. They were being shot at! Soon, another bullet grazed the branch he was hanging onto. Within a split second, a third bullet whizzed past his head barely missing his forehead, and then it hit the branch hanging over his head. The branch fell down and hit John squarely on the head. He lost his hold on the branch and fell like a ton of bricks onto a pungent pile of poo.

He looked up to see the barrel of a gun staring down at him like two menacing eyes. The owner of the gun realised to his horror that these were children, not robbers. The owner of the gun turned out to be a certain Steven Spielberg, the famous director and producer of The Star Wars Trilogy. So, he welcomed them warmly. In fact, he sent them away with three bulging bags of rambutans each and an encouragement to come back. He even gave them a role in his next movie! Ever since then, they both came here everyday.